Gore, Gore or Gore?

Today’s prompt: What is your preferred mode of travel?

I like to sleep whenever I can because that is how I travel to sanity.

I’ve always been kind of lazy. Sleep comes easy to me but I have a bad habit of falling asleep with the TV on when my husband is out of town. He is in New York this week so a couple nights ago, I dozed off while watching Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs.

Tarantino’s films usually, maybe even always, contain scenes of violence and offensive dialogue and “The Dogs” is no exception. There are gun shots galore, depictions of torture and cruelty, and an abundance of sexist and racist language.

The film is about disparate gangsters brought together by the boss who renames each man with a specific color. So one is “Mr. White” and another is “Mr. Brown” and another is “Mr. Blue” and so on.

The “colorful” men are instructed to rob a crowded jewelry store in broad daylight and then meet back at a designated spot — an empty warehouse — to check in.

The jewelry heist goes awry because one of the dogs is an undercover cop who tipped off the cops. Mr. Brown and (probably) Mr. Blue were shot to death by the cops. Several civilians and cops were killed in the “shoot out.” When the surviving “dogs” meet back at the warehouse, they, with emotions ranging from cool rage to profound disappointment to instinctive loyalty, try to figure out who the “rat” is.

It’s a riveting film. I’m not sure how I fell asleep to it because the last thing I remember is Mr. Blonde (AKA “Toothpick Vic”) pouring gasoline on a cop he just brutalized. But fall asleep I did and when I woke up, the credits were rolling. I sleepily turned off the TV and drifted back to just wonderful, deep sleep.

The next morning I wondered what kind of “effect” falling asleep to such a violent movie would have on me. Would I, Connie, turn into a gangster? Would it be sudden or gradual? Would I be a tough, no nonsense gangster like Joe? Or would I end up like the quirky non-tipper, Mr. Pink?

I had many questions and couldn’t wait to watch it all the way to the end, which I did on Thursday night. It was awesome.

I love gangster movies but Tarantino is my favorite modern writer and director. The sense of community he creates is second to none. His casting is ingenious. The portrayals of love, loyalty, paranoia were outstanding. I can’t wait to watch it again!

But, again, will watching violent movies turn me, Connie, into a gangster?

Approximately ten years before Reservoir Dogs came out, Tipper Gore (the former second lady) raised a stink in Washington D.C. She wanted to add content warning labels to music. This happened because Mama Gore bought her 11-year-old brat a Prince album and when they played the album at home, she was flabbergastted to hear suggestive lyrics. From Prince! That’s when the then-Senator’s wife decided that music should be labeled so parents can make “informed decisions.”

I’ll tell you something: I can’t stand busy-body moms. Busy-body dads are worse. And those warning labels? Knock it off. And watered down versions of music? Are you kidding me? Stop it! This ridiculous government overreach is what ignites my gangster rage.

If you haven’t watched Reservoir Dogs, I recommend it. There isn’t any sex or nudity in the film but if you need that kind of thing to be entertained, here:

I am still shook by that pornographic display and it begs the question: What kind of gore are you into? Tarantino’s gore or Tipper Gore or Al Gore? I have to go and unfortunately don’t have time to add Gore Vidal but feel free to share your favorite “gore” in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

Team Quentin,


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