Ego Rain

Which billionaire smells like plastic in the rain?

Today’s prompt: If you had a billion US dollars, how would you spend it?

I’ve been so inspired by our nation’s billionaires. They make the best choices! If I had a billion dollars (US), I’d put that money to good use and create my own perfume. I’d have it manufactured overseas (of course) and I’d call it Ego Rain. It would smell like the following haiku poems I wrote this morning.

Eau de Elon 

his musk clouds my mind
hints of oily arrogance
i can't stop gagging

No. 45

a squirt of orange Tang
a Cheeto-inspired scent
manufactured lies

Meta (Digital Cologne)

one click and you will 
forget the importance of
thinking for yourself

Warren's Buffet

bouquet of bootstraps  
will pull you up but keep you   
down to earth and poor

Amazon (E-perfume)

a tropical spritz 
of online shopping brings the
rainforest to me

Gotta go. Thanks for reading my poems. I hope they didn’t stink!

Sensibly yours,


2 thoughts on “Ego Rain”

  1. Create you own perfume sounds fun! I’ve always liked the smell of Frosted Flakes and Fruity Pebbles cereal, I’ve wanted them in a perfume or candle of sorts. What a creative way to spending the money.

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