I’m just going to listen to your heart

I had a doctor appointment today so I wrote a haiku sequence. Also, I don’t have a picture from my appointment so I’m using this 2016 photograph of my husband pretending to be doctor. I believe the character’s name was “Dr. Douche.” Anyway, it’s poem time.

i like the light touch 
of the stethoscope on my
chest and back, each tap

a gentle chill 
going to the doctor can 
be nice if you just...

take a deep breath  
i'm just going to listen 
to your heart and lungs

i overdo it
inhale a good five seconds
longer than i should

and hold it in for
far too long before i dra-
matically exhale!

just breathe in and out
he says, breathe normally now
i've forgotten how

Thank you for reading my blog. Writing it is as easy as breathing in and out. -Connie

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