No Mess Left Behind

Politicians, please read.

Today’s prompt: Write a short story or poem about rain.

Rain Delay
rain leaked into the 
House this week, falling faster 
than we could catch it 

Rain Dance

it let up and the reigning 
Speaker is dancing

Afterparty Cleanup

while the rest of us
clean up the mess the Grand Old 
Party left behind

Thanks for reading!

Yours in Haiku,


I’m just going to listen to your heart

I had a doctor appointment today so I wrote a haiku sequence. Also, I don’t have a picture from my appointment so I’m using this 2016 photograph of my husband pretending to be doctor. I believe the character’s name was “Dr. Douche.” Anyway, it’s poem time.

i like the light touch 
of the stethoscope on my
chest and back, each tap

a gentle chill 
going to the doctor can 
be nice if you just...

take a deep breath  
i'm just going to listen 
to your heart and lungs

i overdo it
inhale a good five seconds
longer than i should

and hold it in for
far too long before i dra-
matically exhale!

just breathe in and out
he says, breathe normally now
i've forgotten how

Thank you for reading my blog. Writing it is as easy as breathing in and out. -Connie

Day and night

Here’s some haiku poetry about our backyard. I wrote it today because last night I woke to the sounds of screeching raccoons scaling my neighbor’s tree.

Hear my poem.

a choir of tulips
turns to the sun and opens
wide to sing and shine


flowers fold their
fingers neatly
into their laps


close your eyes
into yourself

3:00 a.m.

raccoons hunt for mice
instead come face to
face with a fox

3:01 a.m.

lungs and eyes
screech and scream as they
scale a tree to safety

3:05 a.m.

fox flees and
the family descends the tree
slower going down than up

3:06 a.m.
i close the window and turn
my back to nature
hide under my pillow

Thanks for reading my blog and / or listening to my podcast. -Connie

Editor’s Note: Haiku is not limited to the 5-7-5 syllable structure.

For Nerds Only: Hear raw audio of the raccoons in my yard!

Two for tea

My son has been sick for the past three days. A poem.

No fever 
but a sore 
throat and cough
at night which
is when it
feels the worst
for him and

test result
does little 
to soothe the
soul but hot
tea is the
for him and

Thanks for reading my blog. Hope we can share a cup of tea some day! -Connie

I don’t know what it is, but I like it

It was a beautiful day in Rockford. I know this because I looked out the window once or twice. For the most part, however, my eyes were glued to my manuscript and my buttocks were firmly planted in my seat; the same seat I am sitting in right now.

Connie: Buttocks, don’t be rude. Say hello!

Buttocks: Hellooooo!

Connie: Thank you, Buttocks. Dismissed.

Buttocks are confused and stay put. Connie changes subject.

I hope you like the picture. I took it yesterday at Rock Cut State Park. I’m using it for today’s blog entry because it’s a visual metaphor of my writing. Other than it being a dead tree, I don’t really know what I’m looking at, but I do like its shape and textures.

Writing all day isn’t a new sensation, but there is a special shame that accompanies me when a deadline is involved. That’s because other things get ignored in the process. Things like my chores and hydrating. My children. But the good news is I checked Facebook 14,097 times so at least I’m caught up there.

In case you are wondering what I’m writing: I am sharing scenes 3 and 4 of my full length drama Nothing Could Be Finer Than To Be In Southwest China at Tuesdays@9. I’m introducing a new character, Shan, with these scenes.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the peek into my process (and negligence). I suppose a haiku would have been a more economic approach.

guilt is worse than pain
when you spend the day writing
buttocks stuck to seat

That’s the long and short of it. Thank you for reading my blog. Inside or out, I hope you had a decent weekend. -Connie

Rock Cut State Park – haiku and tanka poems

get up! car's coming!
white pines stand at attention
welcome to rock cut

when in the forest
don't look where you are going
look everywhere else
on our way home sam
said to pull over because
the lake had something 
to say to him. i tried but
i couldn't hear anything
when we got home he
was holding an aldi bag - 
they thought "yaye! cheesecake!"
but it was a sack of rocks
a treat only sam could love

Thanks for reading my nature poems and Happy National Poetry Month! -Connie