For every action…

Fern and Jocelyn in 2013.

Today’s prompt is Describe the happiest day of your life.

Will you settle for a happy moment?

It was the Christmas I was pregnant with Angelo. The year was 2009. Our three oldest kids and I were baking. We had just pulled a sheet of hot peanut butter cookies from the oven and it was time to “set” the chocolate kisses.

Jocelyn and Sam, at ages five and three, were old pros at this and quickly started centering their chocolates. Fern couldn’t see very well so we moved the cookies to her level and her siblings urged her to put the kisses on.

“Put it on the cookie!” “You can do it!”

She didn’t seem to understand the fuss but she did as instructed and the chocolate started to immediately melt.

Joce and Sam started to cheer but cut their “Yay!” short when they saw Fern’s eyes widen. She was mesmerized by the melting chocolate. Her wonder-filled reaction made all three of us laugh. We resumed cheering for Fern and I felt Angelo “kick.”

I think about all these pure reactions every time I bake peanut butter kisses and see the chocolate kiss start to melt into the cookie. I’m grateful.

Thanks for reading.

Yours in reactions,


Special to the Bloganuary Prompt-Writer: The happiest day of my life was April 16, 2004. That’s the day Jesse and I got married. It was a small, private ceremony. As such, I’d like to keep the memories of that day between the two of us.

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