Barbara’s PTBD (Post-Traumatic Bath Disorder)

I’m sorry, Barbara. I thought you’d enjoy it.

As I write this, Barbara is getting a professional shampoo, blow-dry and pedicure from a mobile dog grooming service. Their truck is parked outside and I can feel my dog’s panic emanating from the vehicle.

I offered to stay inside and help keep her calm, but the groomer said it’s better if I don’t.

“They like to play their owners,” she said.

The last groomer said the same thing about dogs “playing” their owners but I stayed anyway. My chihuahua was scared and wouldn’t calm down. By the time the ordeal was over, Barbara was sufficiently washed but unhappy. And I was cold, wet and covered in my dog’s flop fur, the canine version of flop sweat. I definitely felt played. And now, as I look out the window, I notice the vehicle is gently rocking from the motion of washing a dog that weighs less than ten pounds. Barbara plays all of us, I think.


While I pondered the idea of my dog playing me, and I honestly don’t think she does, they finished up. The groomer said my dog “did great” but I think she looks traumatized. She’s obviously in need of a little comforting (and a treat) so I’ll wrap this up. I appreciate the idea of professional grooming and I’ve heard some dogs enjoy getting pampered, but going forward, I am not sure if this is what’s best for Barbara.

Thanks for reading. -Connie

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