Your sustenance, your desire

It’s Tuesday afternoon so that means I’ll be heading into the city soon. Tonight I’m sharing Scene Two from Nothing Could Be Finer Than To Be In Southwest China. I feel pretty good about my new pages even though the scene itself is rather upsetting as it involves drugs, violence, birth and square dancing.

Tomorrow I’ll start working on Scene Three, which is set outdoors. I’m excited for the pandas to experience sobriety and real fresh air, but they have a tough road ahead of them, especially with a little one. Good luck, pandas!

Most playwrights I know bond with their characters and wish them well. We fret and fuss over our fictional characters, even the “bad guys.”

I spend a considerable amount of time thinking about the feelings of half-written fictional characters. In other words, I send my thoughts and prayers to things that not only aren’t real, but aren’t even vaguely complete. It comes naturally to me, more so than thinking and praying for real people.

I like to think I’m sending thoughts and prayers to the creative future and honestly, I wish more people would. I strive to be creative but worry that I’m just regurgitating ideas.

At angst-ridden moments like this, I usually bust out a poem, but today, I offer a writer’s prayer.

God, do we breathe the same air, share the same dust, use the same alphabet? What is your sustenance, your desire? Guide us to the originality of your vision so that we may create from your goodness a future as nourishing as your sunshine, water and sky. Amen.

Glad I have the commute to and fro Chicago to think about this. Thanks for reading. -Connie

P.S. Tuesdays@9 Chicago poster art by Joshua Fardon.