I noticed a car with vanity plates that said POET when I was running errands today.

It’s a free (ish) country and it’s my understanding that people are (sort of) encouraged to express themselves, but I think these license plates cross the line.

I’m writing “cross the line” to make a point. You know what I mean when I say “cross the line” even though the poet’s license plates didn’t literally cross a line.

I’m conflicted. I am supposed to be on the side of the poet! But the vanity plates irritate me. I have no choice but to write a poem.

lines aren't always clear or fair
anyway who put them there
for you to toe, walk, cut or cross
man, media, priest or boss

so what if those plates reflect their spirit
why can't i just love and cheer it
i know I mustn't be a bully
but I want to beat up poets who write literally

Alright, that helped open me up a bit. And as I write this, I think there might be a chance the driver purchased the plates to be ironic. Maybe the driver works in plumbing and considers their work to be poetic? If that’s the case, then the plates would be fucking awesome.

But if the car is driven by a poet who wants you to know they are a POET, then booooooo! It is simply too literal for a poet to have license plates that say POET.

Anything else would be better! RHYMLVR or AABBAABB or ILOVE 575 or RHYTHM 123 or META 4 or POEM LVR or BIG EGO or anything other than POET would be acceptable messaging.

Back to playwriting. Thanks for reading. -CNSR IT