Turkeys agree: ‘Grand Canyon is fun.’

Any road trip sounds good to me, but Jesse and I would love to take our kids to the Grand Canyon soon. I say “soon” but we’ve been talking about doing this for more than a decade.

Eleven years ago, our daughter Fern (then two) had a children’s book about a bunch of turkeys making a beeline to the Grand Canyon. Her copy of Wild Turkey Run by Bob Reese is long gone, but we both remember the turkeys had a very specific reason for rushing to the national park.

“Because,” they said, “Grand Canyon is fun.”

Good children’s books are like beloved pets. They are filled with character and charm. You never want to say goodbye to them, but you know it’s inevitable. By the time Fern’s book went to the great library in the sky, it was completely tattered and torn from being read, cuddled and toted hither and yon. No amount of Scotch tape could repair it. Believe me, we tried.

Though I can’t remember the plot points, the memory of the turkeys zooming to Arizona still cracks me up. Books and pets – like a good road trip – leave funny, specific memories that last a lifetime.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to start planning for that road trip to Grand Canyon with “Tom” and the “poults.” Gobble, gobble and thanks for reading! -Connie the Hen

Turkeys in our backyard ask, “Which way to Grand Canyon?”

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