Rockford Fringe Festival Podcast

The Rockford Fringe Festival has a podcast! I’ll interview artists and share Fringe info every week in short, fun episodes.

Meet the talent and the team by listening to our first episode here. I edited the audio from the Community Info Session that was broadcast on Facebook Live into a delightfully informative and entertaining 14-minute podcast.

Counterclockwise from left to right: That’s me in the upper left corner, then Aubs, then Jesse Kuntz. That’s Sharon Nesbit-Davis in the lower right corner and Rebecca Ann Carver in the lower left corner.

After you listen, let me know if you’d like to be on the podcast.

If you are comfortable doing so, please like, rate and / or subscribe to the Rockford Fringe Festival podcast. We greatly appreciate it! -Connie

Thank you to our community partners and sponsors, especially Rockford Writers’ Guild, the official sponsor of the Rockford Fringe Festival!