‘I found a weird bug that I don’t think belongs in the US. Can someone ID it for me?’

I live in Illinois, not Minnesota. Still, one of the best decisions I ever made was to follow @DNRAlt on Twitter. They tweet, and I quote, “actual questions from the public asked of the MN DNR Information Center.”

There’s a coyote walking around in Crystal and I don’t want a kid to get attacked waiting at the bus stop.

Their tweets express a specific authenticity that cannot be imitated, even by the best actors. As much as I love the film Fargo by the Coen brothers, in the 16 years I lived in Minnesota, I never met a single person who behaved like any of the characters in the film. But if I spend 16 seconds on Minnesota’s “Alt” Department of Natural Resources Twitter page, I am immediately reminded of people I have met or known over the years. Take a look at their page and decide for yourself if you think it’s worth your Twitter time.

I need to talk to someone about different firearms I’d like to use in the shotgun-only zone.

Sometimes someone will tell me about someone or something they follow on Twitter and I’ll find myself surprised. Their “tweeter” isn’t a literal reflection of their career or their politics so much as a glimpse into their sense of humor and humanity. I remember the moment I saw a friend of mine (an adult male) reacting with childlike glee to something “Miss Costa” tweeted. Miss Costa is a shark.

I just saw a baby fox. About 20 lbs. In Minneapolis. Do you think it's ok?

I guess what I’m saying is more of an “ask.” Who or what is your favorite odd person (or animal or place or thing) you follow on Twitter?

Thanks for reading and (possibly) answering my question! Heading into the city for Tuesdays@9 Chicago. -Connie

P.S. That isn’t a ‘weird bug.’ It’s a dragonfly that decided to hang out on my son Sam’s arm. It eventually flew away.