Two gals hard at work

My mom. I don’t have a pic of Mom and Rani together but this kind of captures the collaborative moment.

Today’s prompt is Describe your perfect birthday cake.

When I was five or six years old, I remember catching a glimpse of my mom and sister Rani baking me a strawberry shortcake for my birthday. I was watching them from the kitchen door and could only see their backs. The two gals were hard at work at the counter with the cake in between them. It was the first time I had ever seen people — let alone females — let alone a mother and daughter — legitimately collaborating. It stunned me to see them behaving as equals in the kitchen. I was fascinated and wanted to keep watching but when they noticed I was observing them they instructed me to shoo.

“You’re not supposed to see this yet.”

Well, I saw it. I saw two people working together. I know I only saw a few seconds but I’m telling you their collaboration was harmonious.

Most mother/daughter and father/son moments that I observe or participate in are displays of a parent instructing a kid who wants to learn something. They’re good enough moments, but not necessarily collaborative. With that said, I have a new parenting goal.

Later, the cake was revealed to me at the dining room table in its white and red glory. It was magnificent but of course the moment of seeing two artists hard at work is what I carry with me.

Thanks for reading. Are you a leader, a self-leader, a team player or a collaborator?

Striving for collaboration,