I would not have noticed this if I didn’t have to walk Barbara.

Today’s prompt is Where is the best place to watch the sunset near you?

I love this question because I love winter light. It’s one of the “things” that gets me through January. Though I have seen spectacular sunsets splashed across Chicago’s skyline, the best place to watch one is right here at home in the dead of winter when I’m doing regular old mom things like walking my dog or folding laundry in my bedroom.

I love how the sun sets on the little garages in my neighborhood. I would not have noticed if I didn’t have to fold laundry.

This is the last day of Bloganuary which is another thing that gets me through January. This is my second year and I’m so grateful for this challenge! I noticed I started to “crave” Bloganuary in the summer and by the time November rolled around, I was eager for it to begin. I’ve enjoyed reading the work of the other bloggers on the community page, especially the writing of my husband Jesse who participated for the first time.

Last year I set a goal of writing a blog for 100 days. I met and exceeded that goal. This year, I’m stopping today. I’m not going to stop writing; I’m going to stop writing with a prompt or a technical goal. In other words, I’ll still blog, but not necessarily every day and I won’t share it on Facebook unless it’s urgent. My goal is to see how I write when I don’t have to write.

If you want to still read my blog, you can subscribe to it and the new entries will simply show up in your email inbox.

On that, I leave you with a haiku the day before National Haiku Month begins.

january's sun has set 
time to write 
in new light

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading!


4 thoughts on “Things”

  1. I’ m impressed that you kept to your plan. I can’t even begin tto think about making one like that. I really do just write when I feel like it. Actually, not even then, because I have lots of ideas but so little time! I have enjoyed reading you though.

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  2. Your pictures are so lovely, Connie! I’ll have to subscribe to your blog so I get an email when you update your next blog. I’m excited for seeing what you come up with without being prompted. Sending you big hugs xx

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