Carolyn who?

Today’s prompt is What language do you wish you could speak?

If I traveled to France, I’d want to speak French. If I traveled to Mexico, I’d want to speak Spanish. If I traveled to Italy, I’d want to speak Italian. And so on. Wherever I go, I would want to do my best to learn the culture and language. Blend in.

I wouldn’t mind reading a few books in their native language. Voltaire’s Candide, for instance, would be fun to read in French, if I were fluent in French. I’m sure there is a long list of books and plays I would appreciate more if I read them in their originality.

In high school and college, foreign languages interested me so I studied Spanish, Latin, Greek and Russian. I enjoyed those classes, but it wasn’t until years later I realized I just liked having any excuse to write and fill up my notebooks. I learn best through note-taking and repetitious writing, plus I love to write. Fun fact: my handwriting was always much neater when I wrote in a foreign language.


Before I was married, I used to read an advice column in the now defunct Minneapolis City Pages. I think the columnist’s name was Carolyn, but I can’t remember and now there is a Carolyn Hax who writes for the Washington Post and I can’t tell if it’s the same Carolyn. I don’t believe so, but they share a similar look.


The Minneapolis Carolyn once wrote that parenthood is like traveling and it was one of those reading moments things that has stuck in my head all these years: parenting is like traveling. Her point was you see nearly everything with new eyes when you become a parent. I read that and I was like “I want that.” I’m 18 years in and still travel this way every day.

Sure, I would love to travel with Jesse in the traditional sense more. But for now (and the next six years) being a parent and learning the languages of my kids is travel enough.

Thank you for reading.

Striving for fluency,


One thought on “Carolyn who?”

  1. I love that you would want to speak whatever language is appropriate to the country you visit, that’s really beautiful. It touched my heart when you wrote about parenting as a travelling adventure. I can imagine 🙂 it sounds like the best way to travel ever! xx

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