Baby simple

Cracking open a cold can of diet coke

What color describes your personality and why?

I like the Bloganuary challenge but these baby simple prompts get on my damn nerves. That said, I’ll answer. The color of my personality is brown. Brown is reliable and adaptable. It’s a color you see in every season, in every person, in nature, coffee and artificial things like Diet Coke.

I was at a board meeting last night. When a young man was delivering public remarks in favor of funding education that reaches underserved kids and communities, one of the board members opened up a can of Diet Coke.

Crrrack! Tsssss!

Even a baby knows what sound a can of soda makes upon opening. If a six-month-old has heard it a few times, they know to anticipate the sound. The elected official knew she was interrupting.


Minutes later, she said the whole thing had gotten out of hand by “the media.”

Talk about baby simple. When you don’t want to be accountable, just blame the media!

The media, by the way, had simply reported that the board was not forthcoming with data. The community, through public remarks, addressed the lack of data. The majority of the room applauded the young man who expressed concern for the lack of data. The applause was louder than the opening of the can of Diet Coke.

She offered no data and said they had to do what was best for the taxpayers. The board moved on to discuss gambling and slot machines, of which they had plenty of data. They went line by line with that data. Thank God our golf-playing taxpayers will have easy access to slot machines! That’s certainly more important than making sure kids develop a respect and appreciation for nature and the environment.

This is a developing story which I’ll try to keep separate from this Bloganuary challenge. But I had to write about it today.

There are two different types of brown. The browns of our earth and the manufactured brown of Diet Coke. Which brown are you?

Yours in earth,


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