The last of the breakfast eaters

Today’s prompt is How do you define success?

I have anxiety and low standards so:

  • keeping my cats inside (they love to bust out in the warm months)
  • walking my dog before work (not just letting her out in the back)
  • brushing my cats before work (minimum of ten strokes each)
  • having my cats’ favorite canned food well stocked (or stop at ALDI on way home)
  • having my dog’s favorite canned food well stocked (or stop at ALDI on way home)
  • when the water in our fish tanks are crystal clear

I’ll stop there because I’ve just realized how much my pets control not just my definition of personal success but my sanity. I’ve always suspected it, even joked about, but it’s actually true.

You’ve heard the expression “If Momma Ain’t Happy Ain’t Nobody Happy.” In this house, it’s “If Barbara, Tuffy, Two-Spot, Vice President-Elect, Senator Snout and The Debt Collector Ain’t Happy Ain’t Nobody Happy.”

When people go on a vacation or a road trip, I’ve heard them say things like, “It was nice but I couldn’t wait to get home to my dog,” or “I had a great time but I missed my pets.”

You’ll never hear me say that. I have anxiety but I don’t have Stockholm Syndrome.

I need to wrap this up because I have to go to work. I’m happy to say Barbara is fed and walked, the fish are swimming around in their tanks all fancy free and the cats have been groomed and fed. This, along with serving my youngest son a big breakfast (my other kids are breakfast-shunners) before he catches his bus truly helps me walk out the door feeling like I can do my best in the world.

Thanks for reading!

Yours in remembering to pick up fish tank filters from PetSmart,


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