Nerd by nerd

The real Anne Lamott.

Today’s prompt is, “Why do you write?”

Some people can think things through. Others like to talk things out.

I like thinking and talking, but if I’m to make any personal progress as a human being, I need to write. It’s my physical way of processing data, assessing facts and understanding situations. Writing is where I am most careful, most cautious and most concerned. Writing is how I understand a little bit more about myself and others.

Several years ago, I read Anne Lamott’s book Bird By Bird. Her brother had to do a bird project for his science class and procrastinated until the day before the project was due. Their dad said he’d help and they’d just go at the task “bird by bird.”

Some nerd impersonating Anne Lamott.

Since I read that book, I’ve gone “bird by bird” whenever I feel overwhelmed or even underwhelmed. It helps me break things down and build things up.

Similarly, when I struggle to understand a person, a personal situation, I like to write about it “word by word.”

Thanks for reading!

Nerd by nerd,


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