Keep it light!

My family emerging from Williams Tree Farm. That’s Fern in the front, then Angelo (blond), Jocelyn (teal hair), Sam (hoodie) and Jesse (hat).

I received an email a few days ago about the 2023 Bloganuary Challenge. That’s when WordPress challenges its users to write one blog every day for the month of January. Blog-anuary. Get it? Anyway, they issue daily prompts and a specific “bloganuary” platform to share your daily entries. It’s fun!

I participated last year. I didn’t stop at 31 blog entries. I kept going well into the spring. Once I hit my hundredth blog, I stopped counting. My goal was 100 but I don’t remember why. What I remember is that about the time it started to warm up, I became very busy producing the Rockford Fringe and I stopped blogging. I missed it, but I promised myself I’d pick up again in the winter. So here I am.

Today’s blog is my way of e_a_s_i_n_g back into blogging. I’m going to keep it “light” and wrap up today’s entry with this picture of our house lit up for the holidays. Thanks for reading! -Connie

Connie Kuntz is the producer of the Rockford Fringe, a playwright and the music and comedy director for Naked Angels Tuesdays@9 Chicago. She lives in Rockford, Illinois with her husband and four children.

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