Here lies…

Willow took me on a new route today. She stopped and stared at this section for a full minute, maybe longer. I have no idea what she saw. But as she stared at whatever she was staring at, I noticed for the first time there is a crosswalk to the cemetery. How have I missed this?

I walk to the cemetery at least once a year. I enjoy strolling in the graveyard but because I have to cross a busy street (Auburn) to get to it, I rarely visit. Today I found out all I have to do is press the button to stop traffic and I can cross with reasonable safety. I’ll head over there later this week because once inside the cemetery, it’s peaceful and interesting.

I like to visit the bishops’ circle. That’s the final resting space for the (deceased) bishops from the Rockford Diocese. I knew some of them because I went to Catholic school for twelve years. When I walk around the circle, I wonder things.

I wonder how much they knew about the scandal. I wonder how many things they covered up. I wonder if any of them resent being buried there, next to the bishops that came before and after them.

Most people I know don’t seem to like or even respect their predecessors or their proteges. They certainly don’t want to be buried next to them. Maybe it’s different for bishops. I’ll never know.

I teach on Monday nights and was buried in prep and playwriting this afternoon hence the late night blog. Now it’s time for bed. Thanks for reading. -Connie

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