Theatre is not apocalyptic and beastly

I was checking my blog metrics last night and saw that there were 666 views on my story about the Rockford Fringe Festival. I’m not terribly superstitious but is the universe implying a theatre fringe festival would be apocalyptic and beastly? It’s Easter and Passover, ffs. Be nice, universe!

I have a busy day today, as I’m sure you do, too, so this will be quick. Happy Easter, if you celebrate. May the spirit and hope of the Resurrection fill your day.

And if Passover is your thing, Happy Pesach! Sam and I made some macaroons to commemorate the exodus of the Jews from slavery in Egypt. So if you are feeling trapped and used, may the spirit of this holiday fill you with the tenacity, speed and fortitude to pursue your truth.

Macaroons before we drizzled the chocolate.

Whatever your religion or faith, I hope you enjoy celebrating and commemorating. Thanks for reading! -Connie

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