Chicago’s Tuesdays@9 Musicians and Comedians perform at The Annoyance through May

JJ Smith was the Naked Angels Tuesdays@9 Chicago musical guest on April 12. Just brilliant. Tell your smart speaker, “Play JJ Smith” and enjoy.

Naked Angels is the longest cold reading series in the United States and there are still several weeks left in the season. Every week we read five pieces of new writing. During the intermission, we feature a musician or comedian.

Actors show up at 8:30 and say they’d like to read. A whirlwind casting frenzy takes place and the new work is then read onstage.

If you are curious about what these “naked angels” are all about, stop by The Annoyance Theatre & Bar every Tuesday night through May 17, 2022 to experience the glory! It’s free, but bring your ID and proof of vaccination to get in.

Once you’re in, let us know if you’d like to read. Joshua Fardon and Patricia Mario and I are positioned close to the door, so we’re easy to find. To increase your chances of being cast, show up no later than 8:30. The show begins at 9:00 in the little theater. The intermission begins around 10:00 and that’s when the musicians and comedians perform. A lot of fun.

After two years on Zoom, we finally resumed in-person shows in March and Gail Gallagher was our first in-person musical guest.

On March 29, Robbie Ellis was our musical guest.

And on April 5, we hosted Heather Styka.

April 12 was JJ Smith and on April 19, comedian Izzy Salhani will be perform her standup during the intermission. Here’s the schedule for the rest of the season.

Apr. 26 Gail Gallagher

May 03 Matt Keeley

May 10 Robbie Ellis

Robbie Ellis shares his interactive comedy songs with an assist from Rebecca Carver, Maeve Devitt and Michael Bassett.
Aviva Jaye (left) and Heather Styka

For our final May 17 in-person show of the season, Aviva Jaye will be our musical guest. Whether you’re a writer, actor, musician or comedian, Tuesdays@9 is for you. In fact, Tuesdays is for everyone.

Thanks for reading. Hope to see you at a Tuesdays soon! -Connie (the music director)

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