It’s Sunday and Spring Break is basically over but on the bright side Jesse got home yesterday and he’ll be home until early April. Great!

On the dark side of things, however, I caught him watching something I would rather he not watch. It was something that I disagree with wholeheartedly. Something that hurts all women, not just me.

“Is that Jeff Foxworthy?” I asked. “The ‘You Might Be A Redhead’ guy?”

“Neck,” he said. “Redneck.”

“That’s what I meant. Why are you watching him?”

“I’m curious,” he said. “I want to see if he’s still doing the same schtick.”

“How far in are you?”

“About two minutes,” he said.

I was curious too. About a minute in, Jesse said it was terrible. I agreed but wondered if it might improve.

“Let’s see if it gets any better.”

We watched about ten more minutes before we couldn’t take it anymore. The guy’s a dick. I can’t stand comedians who make fun of their wives, mothers, fathers and kids. By the time our ten minutes were up, Foxworthy had mocked most, if not all, of his family to the laughter and cheers of his audience. Idiots.

Several years ago there was a TV show called Home Improvement that starred Tim Allen. I had never watched it, but one night I was at my sister’s and we were channel surfing. This was in the 90’s. We were both adults, but still very young.

Home Improvement was on and I said I heard it was pretty funny and she said she couldn’t stand the show because the guy (Tim Allen) was always lying to his wife. To illustrate her point, she turned it on and we watched a few minutes of it. Sure enough, within five minutes he was “adorably” lying to his wife while the audience laughed and laughed. We watched less than ten minutes before we couldn’t take it anymore.

Jesse just walked by and asked what I was writing about today.

“I thought I’d write about Jeff Foxworthy.”

“Then leave my name out of it,” he said. “I don’t want anyone knowing I gave that piece of shit any of my time.”

These are the words that warm my heart and make me proud, just as my sister’s observation about Tim Allen in the early 90’s warmed my heart and made me proud. The fact they both have long detested this kind of “humor” speaks to their character.

But Jesus Christ. Unless I’m watching Call the Midwife or Downton Abbey, I need to not be allowed to watch television. It makes me too angry.

Thanks for reading! -Connie

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