Roam where you want to

“Delbert. Do you hear something?”

“No, but I feel something…”

“We better get inside, just in case.”

“We’d better, Marge. Just in case.”

Delbert and Marge scooted back indoors. They didn’t even put their gardening tools away. There wasn’t time!

“Delbert. I don’t say it often enough but I love you.”

“Me too, Marge,” Delbert said through tears. “Me too.”

It’s just me! I’d think. I’m so sorry; I didn’t mean to scare you guys!

I feel guilty about interrupting Delbert and Marge. They’re good people. Sure, they bicker a lot and scare easily, but gardening is something they enjoy doing together and everybody knows they grow the best tomatoes this side of Kent Creek. They’ve won awards.

Darnit, I feel guilty! I wish they’d come back outside. I’d will them if I could, but that’s not my superpower. Elective invisibility is.

Some years ago, Promptus Maximus gave me (and a thousand other bloggers) the chance to choose a superpower. I thought about opting for something that would serve the greater good, but let’s face it: I’m selfish. I wanted the freedom to frolic without being seen.

And freedom it is! All I have to do is say “inikibi” three times and poof! I’m invisible! I’m also naked, which adds to the fun.

The spell regulates my body temperature so I’m perfectly comfortable as I cut corners, traipse through strangers’ backyards and climb their trees. I can walk in the middle of the street, the middle of an aisle and the middle of a service. You’ve heard of skinny dipping and joyriding. This is better.

I’m not interested in hearing private conversations or watching things that are none of my business. I just enjoy roaming, opening my arms and welcoming the earth, breathing it in and soaking it up.

These days I roam locally, mostly outside, but I’m saving up my money so I can roam in Rome. Until then, if you feel something strange in your backyard, that’s just me, passing through.

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