I hold my own hand


an acrostic about Amelia Earhart

Breezy weather

Only stoked her desire to

Lift off into the sky and

Dream free until she was

Lost forever to the wild blue


One more soul is safe

a haiku about Harriet Tubman

Born with six senses

Humor was not one of them

But bravery was


a rhyme about Ruth Bader Ginsburg

She didn’t roll up her sleeves, pound her fists and holler

when engaging in legal fights

She slid on lace gloves and fluffed up her collar

and enunciated for all women’s rights

A shout out to Sister Souljah

Outspoken and smart

funny and brave

political as the day is long

a rapper an author an activist too

she’ll tell you why you’re wrong

A free verse for Frida Kahlo

I hold my own hand

when I look at Two Fridas.

Inside the museum,

your work takes me outside.

Through your brush I fly

to Mexico

where the untamed monkey

is elegant and knowing

and you are

exotic and fragrant;

your unplucked brow


Thanks for reading my blog. I love reading poetry more than writing it, but hopefully these verses I just penned express my appreciation for these outstanding bold women. -Connie

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