What keeps you up at night?

I call the southeast corner of our block “Turdtown” because it’s where an apparently very large dog goes to poop. It’s disgusting. Normally I would insert a photo here for evidence but it is so nasty, so freaking gross, that if you were to barely glance at the photo, you would gag and possibly barf. I won’t do that to you; I love you too much.

Once a week or so, because the dog poop accumulates fast, I stuff several plastic bags in my coat, walk down there and angrily bag as many frozen poops as I can before I start gagging. I then throw the bags the hell away in our garbage can.

I’ll tell you something: I can’t stand having another dog’s poop in my garbage can. It keeps me up at night. But my friends, this is how I change the world. How about you? Let me know in the comments. -Connie

Don’t let the lovely sunset fool you. Turdtown is pure evil.

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