Gail Gallagher Delights Tuesdays@9 Crowd ‘As Art Is Wont To Do’

Hear the 25-second report with a sample of Gail Gallagher’s “Spacesuit Days.”

Naked Angels Tuesdays@9 Chicago is successfully underway!

This week’s event featured new work from Chicago playwrights as well as writers in Maryland and New Mexico.

Tuesdays newcomer Gail Gallagher was the musical guest. She delighted the crowd with three songs that expressed her spirit, humor and grace. Gallagher recorded and released her debut album “Power of the Unnamed Passion” last year. She said it’s a concept album about those moments in life where everything falls apart and you learn to make new meaning.

“Oddly enough,” she said, “all these songs were written pre-pandemic but gained new meaning through the production process, as art is wont to do.”

The following musicians are scheduled for the remaining first half of the 2021-22 season.

Sep. 21 Aviva Jaye

Sep. 28 Heather Styka

Oct. 05 Shawn Erker

Oct. 12 Robbie Ellis

Oct. 19 Jake Dewar

Oct. 26 Ian Sutherland

Nov. 02 Aviva Jaye

Nov. 09 Joshua Fardon & Atlie Gilbert

Nov. 16 The Famous Brothers

Nov. 23 Mystery Guest

Nov. 30 Ezra Muse

Dec. 07 Gail Gallagher

Dec. 14 Joe McDaniel

Holiday Break (Dec. 15-Jan. 10)

Jan. 11 Jamie Shriner

Jan. 18 Robbie Ellis

Jan. 25 Aviva Jaye

Feb – May TBA

If you would like to perform as a musician or a comedian (or both) on a Tuesday sometime in February through May, it’s not too soon to get the ball rolling. Send me links or mp3’s of your music at Thank you! -Connie Kuntz

Poster art by Tuesdays@9 creative director Joshua Fardon.

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