FAQ About The Naked Angels Tuesdays at 9 Quarantanniversary

March 30, 2021 is the Tuesdays at 9 Chicago Zoom Quarantanniversary and we are celebrating with a “Meta March Twin Tuesdays” show!

Q: What does that mean?

A: Angels are invited / encouraged to show up as their twin to Tuesdays at 9 Chicago on March 30. Remember to change the name on your Zoom box to the name of your twin and stay in the character of your twin all night long.

Q: Could you give me an example?

A: Sure. My name is Connie Kuntz. I will be busy on March 30th, but luckily, my twin sister Rhoda Ross has agreed to fill in for me. Rhoda is a hypochondriac and always thinks she is dying.

Q: Okay. Does my twin have to be a dork like your twin?

A: Your twin can be whatever you want. You’re probably familiar with the “evil” twin concept or the “sexy” twin concept. You can go that route or you can create a twin who is subtle, unique or cerebral or spiritual or whatever. There is tremendous room for creativity and interpretation.

Q: I already have a twin in real life. Now what?

A: Create a triplet. And if you are a triplet, create a quadruplet. And so on. Just remember to change the name on your Zoom box to the name of your sibling.

Q: What if I get cast that night?

A: Then your twin will read.

Q: What about stage directions? How will our twins know to applaud the people who read stage directions?

A: Tell them!

Q: What should I wear?

A: Whatever your twin would wear. Just remember to change your Zoom box name to your twin’s name.

Q: Who are the writers that night?

A: The writers and the musical act will be announced in the usual way; on social media with the Tuesdays at 9 poster art (which will be somewhat different, since it’s being designed by the artist’s twin). The creative directors, writers and the musical act will be the twins of familiar Tuesdays at 9 talent.

Q: Why are we doing this?

A: It’s important to experiment with new forms of interactive creativity during the pandemic. The layer of meta adds a unique, intriguing artistic element. Plus, we’re crazy.

Q: How long will this show run?

A: The usual two to two-and-a-half hours. Scenes will be shorter to make room for more audience interaction.

Q: Why are you so weird?

A: I don’t know. Ask Rhoda.

Tuesdays at 9 Chicago has been going strong since September of 2018. When the pandemic threatened to shutter our cold reading series, we moved to Zoom! March 30 marks our one-year quarantanniversary of virtual cold readings. Celebrate with us!

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