December’s Radio Boot Camp

Just finished up instructing another fabulous radio boot camp for Chicago Dramatists. Artists wrote, edited, directed, acted and interviewed.

In a nutshell:

Prework: Each artist wrote a one-minute monologue and emailed it to me prior to the first day. I then formatted all the monos into one big class script for the Friday class. I wrote an intro, interstitial dialogue, and an outro.

Friday: Introductions. Each artist cast their monologues. We rehearsed and recorded and saved the Zoom audio. Then we added that audio to Adobe Audition. Add sound effects and music. Class learned Adobe tools, got familiar with the layout of the multitrack and discovered importance of checking and finessing levels for voice, sound effects and music.

Saturday: We finessed the Friday monologues and adjusted levels. We wrote new scene work in thirty minutes and then cast and recorded those scenes. We added sound effects and music.

Sunday: We finished editing the Saturday scenes and then we recorded interviews. Everyone answered the question, “What does 2020 mean to you and what do you expect or hope for 2021?” We cast two hosts for the interviews, recorded everyone, added music and adjusted levels in Adobe Audition.

Here is a link to the Class Interview portion.

This class was comprised of playwrights, professors, teachers, actors and directors and here are there names: Danielle Dunlap, Donna Dunlap, Stephanie Grilo, Steph Henderson, Hope Hommersand, Brenda Kiliansky, and Jennifer Nostrala.

Thank you for reading and listening! -Connie Kuntz

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