Wanted: Musical Acts for Naked Angels Tuesdays@9 in Chicago

I am the music director for Tuesdays@9. That means I am responsible for booking musical acts. I start on November 10. For some, 10 November is a night to reflect on the anniversary of the sinking of the Edmund Fitzgerald. For me, it’s the night I get to introduce Robbie Ellis! He’s extraordinarily talented, an amazing listener, and has the rare ability to teach as he performs. Check him out!

Jenson Smith is the musical guest on Tuesday, November 17. Smith is a cellist, actor, and a filmmaker. Originally from Racine, Wisconsin, she now lives in Queens. She’s performed twice with us and we are so glad to have her back for a third time. Lovely, lovely work. Please come see her at Tuesdays!

Maeve Devitt is a frequently featured actor with Tuesdays@9 but on Tuesday, November 24, she will grace us with her new musical act! Please check out her website to learn more about this brilliant artist. Then come see her perform at Tuesdays!

If you are interested in being a musical guest at Tuesdays@9, let me know and I can tell you more about it. We are always looking for musicians who share original, new work. We especially love comedy acts with music, but we’re open to just about anything. The Naked Angels community is filled with intelligent, inspiring artists, and Tuesdays@9 is a great place to challenge yourself and try something new. -Connie

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